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Dawn Breaks Behind The Eyes screening at Arrow Films FrightFest UK

Very excited that my film "Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes" will be screened at this year's Arrow Video FrightFest at Cineworld Leicester Square in London!!

A big thanks to Paul McEvoy and the entire FrightFest Team for making this possible.

I love the text they wrote about the film:

Coming on Gothic retro like an undiscovered Mario Bava S&M shocker before turning into a José Ramón Larraz acid trip, director Kevin Kopacka’s 70s exploitation homage is one from the Berberian Sound Studio. Having just inherited a run down castle, a melancholic woman and her bad tempered husband choose to spend the night before deciding what to do with the creaky, cobwebbed pile. But after horrendous mutilation, reality shifts and a Lovely Sort of Death fast approaches… Get ready to have your mind blown by a fantasy freak-out and an Acid Frog, Gandalf and Liquid Brain Orchestra soundtrack.

And with it, I can finally reveal the amazing poster art by Eric Adrian Lee!

The rest of the FrightFest lineup looks amazing. I can't wait for the screening!

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