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"Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes" wins at Dracula Film Festival

The winners of the prizes offered in the four competitive sections were announced at the Dracula Film Festival Awards Gala, 9th edition, 2021. The Gala took place on Saturday, 16 October, at 19.00, at Cinema One Laserplex in Brasov and was presented by actor Ștefan Iancu and Delia Mitrache.

The Dracula Trophy 2021 went to the German feature film "DAWN BREAKS BEHIND THE EYES", directed by Kevin Kopacka.

The jury was composed of ELENA MUÑOZ, president of the jury (Spain, screenwriter, set designer and producer), STUART JOPIA (UK, director, screenwriter, playwright) and CLAUDIU BLEONȚ (Romania, actor, screenwriter, director).

The jury's reasoning for choosing the winning film was as follows:

"A superb acting performance in an excellent location; an atmospheric film that makes you think. A gothic atmosphere due to the royal red, blue and pink lights dripping onto the screen.

The soundtrack by Liquid Brain Orchestra complements this gothic masterpiece and turns it into an ultra-stylized psychedelic homage to European gothic cinema of the 60s/70s. A true celebration of fantasy film!"

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