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First Reviews for Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes are in

The first reviews for Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes are in and (luckily) very positive!

Here are some quotes - you will find the links to the reviews attached. Thank you everyone for these wonderful reviews!

“A technical masterpiece made even richer by a compelling narrative “ - The Hollywood News
“A smart, self-aware meditation on love, relationships, art and narrative” - Movie Ramblings
“Better than "Marriage Story". And a damn sight more fun.” - Electric Shadows
"It’s very clever and unexpected, and that’s definitely part of the charm of the film." - Entertainment Focus

“ A gorgeous, ethereal movie full of surprising twists that deftly shift genres.” - Bloody Disgusting
“The narrative’s dream-like aura is a constant presence, making everything feel other-worldly despite nothing too unusual happening for much of the runtime. That’s to say, it makes everything that much more effective when things really start to go down. There’s also a particular gore scene that I just absolutely love.” - Dread Central
"Go in blind, you won’t regret it – Dawn Breaks Behind The Eyes’ 70s-inspired, gothic-drenched aesthetic and bold, nostalgic score make Kevin Kopacka’s picture compellingly atmospheric. And that’s before you even consider its twisty-turny direction…" - Horror DNA
"It’s stunning to look at, utterly captivating to watch, and beautifully paced at a brisk 72 minutes.” - /Film
"To say we thoroughly enjoyed our viewing experience is an understatement." - Slay Away With Us

“A swooning love letter to European cinema of the sixties and seventies. Written on LSD blotter paper and signed off with a fuck you to cinematic conventions.” - The People’s Movies
"In this meta-cinematic hall of mirrors, characters whose every step seems prescribed and well-rehearsed will need to rewrite the screenplay if they hope ever to see in the mo(u)rning and move on." - BFI
"Kopacka’s playful metacinematic endeavour is as gorgeously realised as it is wilfully esoteric." - Eye for Film
" ... a meticulously assembled love letter to a bygone age of the genre that manages to work as more than just a tribute. Could easily gather a cult audience who will obsess over the riddles at the films heart." - Gore in the Store

" Literally destroys the rulebook both in terms of the narrative and film in general. I'm sure even Dario Argento himself is watching this in envy." - BloodGuts UK
"I loved it: an excellent combination of the gothic and the psychedelic. I wanted to stand up and start applauding in my livingroom. " - Horror Cult Films
"The memorable imagery is sufficiently elevated by the solid performances of the cast. An incredibly thrilling experience!" - Grimoire of Horror

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